Pure Bliss

After 48 (working) days of expensive grocery bills, excessive usage of lights, and over the top trips to the store or multiple places on that note the kids are FINALLY back to school! I was truly happy for them to be out of school but I’m sitting here in blissful silence and it is amazing. I’m able to think clearly, run errands by myself, clean with no interruption. It’s funny that I had forgotten what this felt like. Oh this is great!!

I’m sitting here on this beautiful sunny day thinking of all the things that I should be doing but in reality I just want to continue enjoying my silence because it will come to an end soon. I never knew how much I missed silence but I can truly say that it is great for the time that I can enjoy it.

Mona’s Marmalade


2 thoughts on “Pure Bliss

  1. The Healthy Body Equation says:

    My mom is very very happy my sister went back to school too. She said she can finally hear the birds signing outside 😌


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